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Millry Communications provides a variety of custom calling features that allow you to design your phone service to fit YOUR lifestyle!     

Basic Features

Call-Waiting - notifies you when someone is trying to reach you while you are on the phone. A beep on the line will let you know you have a new incoming call.

Call-Forwarding - puts an end to hours of sitting by the phone waiting for an important call. You can have your calls "follow" you with Call-Forwarding.

Remote Call-Forwarding - allows you to forward your calls to another number, even when you're away from home. (Requires Call-Forwarding).

Three-Way Calling - helps you coordinate meetings, trips, etc., by allowing you to talk to two parties at the same time. It's also great for "telephone reunions" with family members or friends.

Speed- Dialing - enables you to dial frequently called numbers with the touch of just one button. Great for youngsters and elderly family members.

Star Services

*60 Call Block - allows you to block calls from selected numbers.

*61 Call Selector - allows distinctive ringing on incoming calls from numbers you select. Now you can know when it's the school, work or Mom calling...just by the way the phone rings.

*63 Preferred Call Forwarding - allows you to send "selected" incoming calls to another number, while all other calls ring at your number.

*66 Automatic Call Back - automatically redials the last number dialed from your line.

*69 Call Return - tells you the last number that dialed your number and gives you the option to return the call by pressing the "1" button on your telephone. If you do not wish to return the call, simply hang up.

*77 Anonymous Call Rejection - does not allow calls to be completed to your number when the calling pary has "blocked" their name and number. Anonymous Call Rejection tells blocked callers that your number does not accept blocked calls.

Advanced Features

Caller ID - allows you to see the name and telephone number of an incoming call before the call is answered. Also great for tracking missed calls while you're away from the phone.

Caller ID Deluxe - allows you to see the name and telephone number of an incoming call before the call is answered, including call-waiting alerts that are received while you are already on the phone. (Requires Call-waiting)

Voice Mail - takes messages while you are on the phone, away from home, or anytime it's just not convenient for you to take calls. You can access your Voice Mail from any touchtone phone, anytime, anywhere. No equipment to buy or maintain.

Teen Line - lets you know who the call is for, just by the way the phone rings. Ideal for any household or business where more than one person receives calls.


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