FAST FIBER INTERNET coming to Millry Communications Serving Area

Millry Communications is excited to provide Notice to the residents of the south portion of Choctaw County that in 2019 we expect to provide Fiber to the Home (FTTH) internet access services as a replacement to the current plant in service. Millry Communications continues today to utilize copper cable and circuit equipment to provide both voice and DSL (internet access) to our entire service area. Although, during the most recent ten years we have built a fiber transport system for internet access which extends to circuit equipment in a local zone or area, it then is dependent upon utilizing the existing copper cables for delivery of services past the circuit equipment and on to the residence.  All this is about to change for approximately 1,500 locations which include households and businesses that are located in the area highlighted on the attached map.  Millry Communications has reviewed FTTH engineering designs in the past and the Capital Investment dollars were just too extensive to make a business case where the area and customers could support the costs.

The difference from today to years past is certainly not that costs have gone down, but yet that the FCC and the State of Alabama have started Grant and Loan programs specifically tailored to Broadband deployment in rural areas.  There is no certainty that Millry Communications will be successful in its efforts toward obtaining these grants and/or loans but if these programs continue and we are provided funding via either/both grants and loans then Millry Communications intends to continue to overbuild our entire service area with FTTH for all geographic areas within our regulated service coverage area.  This area encompasses approximately ¾ of Washington County and 1/3 of Choctaw County.

This aggressive buildout schedule will likely take six to eight years before all areas have been completed and will be constructed based on creating zones that will be completed 100% and operating prior to the next phase or zone of construction.

Millry Communications would like to begin to provide information/updates/maps etc.. for these projects as they proceed to keep the public and our customers informed.  The Phase I Construction Area map is accessible using the following link. We also would like to have you our current customer or if you are a future customer that is interested in FTTH services complete a short input screen and give us information which will enable us to install the services onto your property and into your home more efficiently.

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