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Hosting your Web Site on the Internet

Web Hosting Packages for Every Budget

Millry Communications offers three web hosting packages with different amounts of disk space, data transfer and email accounts. 
You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs and budget.


Value Pro

Enhanced Pro

Premium Pro

Set Up









15 Email

50 Email

150 Email

Disk Space

250 MB

400 MB

600 MB

Data Transfer

10 GBs / Mo

20 GBs / Mo

30 Gbs / Mo

Additional emails are $5.00 per month. Additional disk space billed at $0.75 per MB.  Additional bandwidth billed at $0.10 per MB over.  (Web Statistics, CGI Capability, CGI Scripts, FrontPage Extensions, Secure Servers, Cyber Cash and Anonymous FTP are also available on selected packages.)

Domain Name Registration

First of all, you’ll need a name for your website, such as Once you decide on your new site’s name, you will need to register it.  Domain Name Registration costs vary from company to company.  Take the time to research Domain Registrants online to find one with a good price, and good service reviews.  Your domain name registration will need to be renewed for each year that your site is in use.   

Developing, Uploading and Maintaining Your Site

The next step is creating your web site.  You can create your own site using Web Publishing software or HTML.  There are also many companies who will create and maintain your site for you, or sell you a template to create your own site.  You can do as much, or as little, of the web site creation as you wish.  A wide variety of web site creation and maintenance options are available.

Once the site is created,  it will need to be uploaded to the Internet and maintained.  Your website can be uploaded and maintained in two ways:

1. You can upload and maintain your own site.  This is done by FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  Our tech support department will provide the information that you need to transfer your site to the Internet.  You will need Web Publishing software or a knowledge of HTML to update the pages.

- or -

2. You can have the company/person who designed your site upload and maintain your site for you.
(Additional charges usually apply.)

For more information about Web Hosting Service contact us toll free at: 1-888-227-5710.