Faster, fiber Internet is coming!!

Millry Communications is upgrading all services in our service area, replacing its copper wires with new fiber optic cables.

Millry Communications is in the second phase of its $50 million fiber build out to all its customers in Washington and Choctaw counties. Construction currently is under way on mainline fiber in Tibbie, Fruitdale, Barrytown, and Millry, and drop construction to homes is in process in Tibbie, Fruitdale, and Barrytown.

And it’s coming soon to your neighborhood!

Customers in the current construction areas must contact us to activate your order for the upgrade, and you will receive a $5 one-time credit on your next statement after we receive your order. So, even if you don’t have or want Internet, please contact us at 888-227-5710 IMMEDIATELY. We need to ensure your phone service continues to work when the change to fiber is made.

For all the other service areas, keep your eyes open for our mailers as construction is scheduled.

The construction phase is temporary and Millry Communications does everything possible to minimize the impact to your property.

Voice, Data and Internet Services

Everything you need to stay connected.

Today we live in a world where information and access are essential. Not just information, but constant information availability. Millry Communications constructs and maintains a network of equipment, copper cable, and fiber cable to allow each of us; that call this home to have constant access. By voice over traditional phone lines, by instant internet access to the world – we continue to provide technology that is needed by our community and neighbors.

At your business, on your back porch, or in your living room, Millry Communications continues to serve the residents of Washington and Choctaw counties.

What’s New

Policy Alert

Please be advised that Millry Communications no longer offers extended payment arrangements.   All active payment arrangements should be completed by October 21, 2021, to avoid suspension of service.

June 30, 2021: Everyday, scammers use the telephone to try and trick people out of money or obtain access to personal information. To help you and your family avoid becoming a victim of unwanted and potentially unlawful robocalls, we encourage all customers to read the FCC’s tips and tools to combat robocalls.

Want to see when your area will have Fiber (FIOP) service?  Click the map below for construction updates.

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