Millry Telephone Company, Inc. was founded in 1941 by Mr. Melvin H. Brown when it was purchased from Mrs. J Nash Johnston of Frankville, Alabama.  At the time it was purchased, the exchanges carried about 80 subscribers.  Mr. Brown’s mother, Jessie Pearl Brown, operated the switchboard until her death.  The switchboard was then operated by Mrs. Bernice Brown, Mr. Melvin Brown’s wife. By 1952, the company had grown to about 250 subscribers.

The first business office was built about 1957.  The company had one bookkeeper and one receptionist who wrote tickets for calls and prepared bills for the approximately 700 customers.  By 1973, the company had grown to 13 employees and had approximately 2,200 subscribers.  The business was moved into a new modern building which still serves as the business office today.

With the addition of Millry Internet Service in 1997, and Millry Long Distance in 1999, came the need for a name change that would more accurately reflect the company’s role as a “full service provider”.  Today, Millry Communications employs 30 people and serves approximately 4,800 subscribers.

Mr. Melvin Brown passed away on June 4, 1991.  Mrs. Bernice Brown passed away on February 17, 2004. The pride and caring that Mr. Brown put into Millry Telephone Company is still being carried on by his family.  Mr. Brown’s sons, Darrell and Paul, operated the company until 2016.  It is now owned and operated by Paul and his son, Gene.

When Mr. Melvin Brown purchased the telephone company in 1941, his goal was to provide quality telephone service.  That remains the goal of the company today — a goal which is being achieved each day as Millry Communications provides a heritage of quality service to each subscriber.

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