Basic Business Voice Service – $33.19

Business Call Advantage

One Nation-Wide Long Distance Calling Plan that is perfect for your business.

Business Call Advantage is perfect for your business if:

  • Your business is large.
  • Your business is small.
  • You make a lot of long distance calls.
  • You make just a few calls.

In other words… there’s a Business Call Advantage Plan tailored perfectly for your business.

With four plans to choose from, you’ll find a plan that gives you all the nation-wide long distance you need, without paying more than
you have to. Plus, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of just one phone bill.

  • One plan.
  • One rate.
  • One phone bill.
  • One Nation-Wide Long Distance Plan that is perfect for your business.

Business Call Advantage 100


per month

100 minutes included
$0.10 per minute additional

Business Call Advantage 500


per month

500 minutes included
$0.08 per minute additional

Business Call Advantage 1000


per month

1000 minutes included
$0.07 per minute additional

Business Call Advantage 2000


per month

2000 minutes included
$0.06 per minute additional

Place your order for Business Call Advantage and start saving today!

Available for voice services to Millry Communications business customers. Millry Long Distance must be selected as the local toll carrier and the interstate toll carrier for all of the customer’s lines. Plan price listed is in addition to regular business access line charge(s). Incoming Toll Free, International, Calling Card, Directory Assistance, Operator Assisted and Data Transmission calls (including calls to Internet access numbers) are not included under this plan, and will be billed separately at applicable rates found in the company’s tariff and price list. Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month. Plan changes are not allowed within the first 30 days. Taxes, fees and other charges, including Universal Service Fund, apply. Other terms and conditions apply. For more detailed information refer to our Service Agreement. Millry Communications reserves the right to discontinue or change package plans upon 30 days notice, and to terminate plans on accounts showing excessive usage not consistent with normal voice services.

Custom Calling

Voicemail $6.00
Call Forwarding $2.60
Three Way Calling $2.60
Speed Calling $2.60
Call Waiting $2.60
Caller ID (displays number only) $7.05
Deluxe Caller ID (displays name and number) $8.65
Distinctive Ring $3.65
Remote Access Call Forwarding $3.65
Automatic Call Back $3.65
Selective Call Acceptance $3.65
Call Selector $3.65
Call Block $3.65
Preferred Call Forwarding $3.65
Calling Number Delivery Blocking $3.65
Anonymous Call Rejection $3.65
Busy Call Forwarding $3.65
Roll Over Feature $6.00 per line
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